Friday the 25th of April:

Dr. Liza Schuster Podcast

Dr. Parvathi Raman Podcast

Saturday the 26th of April:

Panel Discussion: What are the arguments for working towards an end to immigration detention?

(SPEAKERS: Chair: Dr. Paulo Navok, Panel: Social – Stephen Ssentongo (Former Detainee), Legal – Alison Pickup (Barrister from Doughty Street Chambers), Medical – Dr. Frank Arnold, Economic –  Meena Venkatachalam (Senior Health Economist Matrix Knowledge)

Panel Debate: What are the strategic opportunities and risks of advocating for ‘alternatives’ to detention?

(SPEAKERS: Chair: Dr. Nick Gill,  Panel: Adeline Trude from Bail for Immigration Detainees (BiD), Jerome Phelps from Detention Action (DA) and Lisa Matthews from the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns NCADC).


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What ‘A Future Without Immigration Detention’ could look like…..

In 1993 250 migrants were detained in immigration detention centres[1]. Compare this figure with the record number of 28,909 migrants who were detained in 2012 [2]. With the detention estate expanding rapidly year-by-year it has become clear that civil society needs to form a response. Should we promote ‘alternatives’ to detention?  But, what do we mean by alternatives? Could these end up referring to a variety of measures which might prove more harmful to migrants or might they offer more ‘humane’ forms of immigration control? On the other hand, should we reject alternatives and stand by a principled opposition to border controls and advocate for the end of immigration detention full stop? Are these positions as mutually exclusive as they appear?  It is these questions that we will address during the conference ‘A Future Without Immigration Detention’.

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‘A Future without Immigration Detention?’

SDS is proud to host the conference:

‘A Future Without Immigration Detention?’

26th & 27th of April 2013 at SOAS

SOAS Detainee Support Group supported by the SOAS Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies are organising the conference ‘A future without Immigration Detention?’ on the 26th and 27th of April at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. The conference is primarily aimed at those who already have some understanding, expertise and/or experience with migration and immigration detention, such as ex-detainees, students of migration, immigration law practitioners, members of civil society organizations and academics in the field. We also strongly encourage those with no previous experience of working with immigration detention to take part and get informed. We expect 150 participants who will be asked to pay a registration fee to attend.

The conference will be organised in two parts: On Friday speakers will give keynotes that provides the inspiration and framework for the conference. This will be followed by a variety of creative expressions on the topic. On Saturday, we will focus on the practice of immigration detention and we will discuss the controversies surrounding ‘alternatives’ to detention from a variety of perspectives.  We will end the day with practical workshops which will focus on how individuals, organisations and students can support current efforts towards the end of immigration detention.

Our objectives for the conference are:

•  To consider the roots and current situation of immigration detention in the UK and Europe and to place immigration detention within the wider context of the global migration regime.

•  To give insight into different ‘alternatives’ to immigration detention through lectures, discussions and workshops and to bring to light their limitations and risks.

•  To consider the possibility of a future entirely without immigration detention and other invasive immigration controls.

•  To raise awareness and allow students and other members of the public to educate themselves about immigration detention.

•  To provide a platform for networking and idea exchange between different organizations and individuals who are interested in  working towards an end to immigration detention.

•  To further create momentum and to empower individuals to take action on the topic of immigration detention.

For more information, or to share your ideas, get involved or participate, please contact: